A.B.C cocktail and mushroom velouté

Weekend officially started!

Today is the first official day of Undercover Toad the blog, a little behind the scene on the entrepreneur life for the Undercover Toad team. Well, better say, Undercover Toad dream. As I drag you along on this project of mine, I thought of a nice tradition to reflect, manifest and unwind. At the end of each week, no matter how challenging or fulfilling, let’s gather around a little treat namely a nice cocktail and recipe. How better to unwind and clear our minds?

Picture of a clear glass shot glass filled with the three layer cocktail A.B.C cocktail (in the left front corner) in front of three clear glass individual size serving bowls of mushroom velouté adorned with a slice of brown button mushroom and pink straws (in the right bottom corner), all set on a dark wooden table.
A.B.C Cocktail and Mushroom velouté

For this first week recipe, here is to fighting the cold outside while staying healthy: A.B.C cocktail and mushroom velouté recipe. The mushroom velouté is creamy and balances well with the A.B.C, quite fiery. A good matching, really! Add to the fact that it only took half an hour maximum to cook and we got ourselves a first winner on our recipe book!

Prepping the mushroom velouté

Picture of the different non-branded, fresh ingredients required for a home-made mushroom velouté with from left to right: a white porcelain bowl of plain flour, a clear glass of milk, a small white porcelain plate of crème fraiche, a sweet onion, a white porcelain square bowl of brown button mushrooms, a handful of flat leaf parsley and a lemon, all set on a grey marble table.
Mushroom velouté ingredients: brown button mushrooms, sweet onion, lemon, milk, crème fraiche, plain flour and flat leaf parsley

For a four person sizing, I used:

  • A tray of brown button mushrooms (roughly 250g)
  • 300 ml of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of plain flour
  • 2 tablespoons of crème fraiche
  • A medium sweet onion
  • A lemon
  • Two branches of flat leaf parsley
  • Pepper
  • Salt.

To increase the flavors of the mushroom velouté, make sure to add onion or garlic and spices à volonté.

Get creative with the dairy ingredients too: modifying the portions or trying dairy free options. Tweaking one ingredient will always bring an innovative touch to a tested, tasted and tried recipe. Though, being too adventurous can make wonders or disasters!

Picture from above of a saucepan filled with chopped and browned brown button mushrooms, a chopped and browned sweet onion and minced flat leaf parsley, all set on a grey marble table.
Mushroom velouté: Browning the ingredients

Begin by chopping the sweet onion and brown button mushrooms in the size of your liking. For the big onion criers, if you actually chop it under running water, it will spare your eyes and level down the crying effect. Give it a try, it won my respect!

As the sweet onion will take a bit more time to brown, I usually start by chopping it and putting it in the saucepan, on medium heat, with a very small portion of butter. Once the chopped onion is starting to change color (getting a bit more yellowy), I add the chopped button mushrooms in the saucepan. I stir it all and, when the brown mushrooms start to get a little mushy, I add the minced flat leaf parsley and the juice of the lemon. A bit of salt and pepper will also do the trigger.

After a few minutes of stirring, I put the saucepan to low heat, add the plain flour, the crème fraîche and the milk. This can be done in whatever order necessary. Personally, I prefer to start with the plain flour and the crème fraîche to make sure the ingredients are well mixed together before adding the milk. Let everything simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally.

Picture of a beaker filled with the chopped and browned brown button mushrooms, sweet onion and flat leaf parsley to which was added in the sauce pan, on low heat, the plain flour, crème fraîche, milk and lemon juice, next to a hand blender, all set on a grey marble table.
Mushroom velouté: Blending the velouté

Once it is all cooked (usually in less than 10 minutes), I transfer all the ingredients currently in the saucepan into a beaker, to process to the next step of the blender. Careful not to overspill anything or burn your hands in the process. It usually happens to me when I am not paying enough attention because all the kitchen is a mess.

Blend to your liking! Either with a bit of texture and chunks or completely creamy, anyway, you will find it tasty.

Prepping the A.B.C cocktail

Picture of a shot glass layer filled with Amaretto and Baileys Irish cream next to a shot of Cognac and a spoon.
A.B.C cocktail ingredients: amaretto, Baileys Irish cream and cognac

For the A.B.C cocktail you will require:

  • ½ shot of Amaretto
  • ½ shot of Baileys Irish cream liquor
  • ½ shot of Cognac VSOP
  • A shot glass
  • A Measuring jigger
  • And a bar spoon.

This 3-layers cocktail, served in a shot glass, takes you through the strength of the cognac before sipping in the sweetness of almond and cream.

The trick to successfully pour an A.B.C. cocktail is to take your time and slowly add the new layer in drips with the help of the back of a regular spoon, a bar spoon or any layering barware.

To enjoy your A.B.C, carefully pour in a chilled glass in the following order: the Amaretto, the Baileys Irish cream liquor and the Cognac VSOP.

Repeat of the first picture of the article in a slightly different picture format: shot glass of A.B.C cocktail (in the left front corner) in front of three verrines of mushroom velouté adorned with a slice of brown mushroom and pink straws (in the right bottom corner) on a dark wooden table.
A.B.C Cocktail and Mushroom velouté

Now take a step back, look at those beautiful layers, clap yourself on the back and enjoy your drink!

As the Christmas countdown has started over here on Undercovertoad the blog, don’t forget to check the first treat on the advent calendar. ‘Tis that time of the year!