Why the name “The Undercover Toad” ?

Toad is the English word for “crapaud” in French. A “crapaud” , besides being this lovely and sexy creature from the swamps we all love (well, I do), is also the name given to a flaw in a gem (specifically a flaw in diamonds), as well as a bellows for a jewelry welding torch. As for the Undercover part, well, let’s say I’m quite private so it felt like a fit. Seing all these meanings, it seemed very appropriate to name my jewelry brand as so.

Why blogging/drawing in addition to your website?

Because I love so much jewelry, that I do love the all process and above all (wich is why I’m blogging) sharing it: the idea, the design & drawing, the long hours trying to make it become reality in the workshop til the final result, both state of the art (well… sometimes not so much, or at least, tears are involved…) and human craftmanship comes to life.

And what about the cocktails and recipes on the chilling out section?

As I journal to you all my creative process & inspiration, I thought why not also showing my “disconnecting from work routine” with nice recipes and cocktails?

What material do you use?

  • To draw (yes I draw, I do not trace, so you may spot many imperfections), I use a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil and a white polychromos faber castell pencil.
  • To paint (I specify for each drawings what I have used), I use fine Linel gouache, Sennelier watercolour paint , Faber Castell watercolour pencils and Raphaël paintbrushes.
  • To take pictures, I use a Canon EOS 600D, though I have to admit, I only use it at its 20% capacity.

How do you choose the drawings you are working on?

Well, it’s 50% what I like, 30% what I can do and 20% what paint do I currently want to use. If you have any suggestions/requests, do not hesitate to get in touch and tell me wich drawing you would like to see featured on The Undercover Toad!

How do I get in touch?

Just fill in this section: Contact